Health & Safety

  • EWA members consider “Health and Safety”  as a major issue in welding, brazing and cutting technologies. They share related technical information in order to have the best knowledge available for both their own interest and that of the users. EWA established a collaboration with IIW, EUROFER and other associations, working on health and safety issues.
  •  As a result of  of this cooperation, EWA issues a document describing   the recommendations  for exposure scenarios, risk management measures and to identify operational conditions under which metals, alloys and metallic articles may be safely welded.
  • The documents may be copied for the purposes of registration and compliance with REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. and its amendments COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) N° 2015/830 .It is intended to be provided as part of the Safe Use Recommendations for welding metals and alloys as well as welding consumables and welding equipment.
  • The documents describing the recommendations  for exposure scenarios in English  and their translations in PDF format  ( updated in 2021 june), are here below :
o Language               Countries

o Bulgarian                Bulgaria /WES – EWA-TCC-458- 2021- 06 – Bulgaria

oCroatia                     Croatia / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2023 CROATIAN

o Czech                      Czech Republic / WES – EWA-TCC-458 -2021-6 – Czech –

o Dutch                       Netherlands, Belgium  /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Dutch

o English                    United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta  /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-05 – English- (002)

o Estonian                 Estonia / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Estonian

o Finnish                    Finland /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Finish –

o French                     France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland  /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – French

o German                   Austria, Germany, Switzerland / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- German

o Greek                      Greece, Cyprus / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Greek-

o Hungarian               Hungary / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Hungarian

o Italian                      Italy, Switzerland  /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Italian-

o Latvia                      Latvi / WES- EWA-TCC-458- 2021-06 -Letton-

o Lithuanian              Lithuania / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Lithuanian

o Norwegean             Norway / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Norvegian

o Polish                      Poland / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Polish

o Portugees               Portugal / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021 -06 – Portuguese

o Romanian               Romenia / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Romenian

o Slovak                      Slovekia / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Slovakian

o Slovene                    Slovania / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Slovenian

o Spanish                   Spain  /  WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06 – Spanish

o Swedish                   Sweden / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Swedish

oTurkish                     Turkey / WES – EWA-TCC-458-2021-06- Turkish