EWA-European Welding Association

The European Welding Association is a industrial association, which joins together manufacturers of welding equipment ,  welding consumables and equipment to improve the health and safety of welders across Europe and associations from the welding industry . Every  EWA member agrees to respect the ” EWA CODE of CONDUCT “.

Duties and Objectives

The association looks after the mutual technical and economic interests of the European welding industry and its customers by :

  • Participating in the development and application of all relevant norms and standards affecting the welding industry, in cooperation with trade organisations, EU authorities and all other relevant bodies
  • Gathering and analysing industry specific market data
  • Promoting the welding industry and welding as a profession.
  • Promoting the safe use of the welding and cutting processes


EWA was founded in 1987, and its official headquarters are located in Paris.

Its predecessor was the Association of European Manufacturers of Welding Consumables (CEFE), which was founded in 1958.


Membership is open for European national associations of manufacturers of welding consumables  , welding  equipment, as well as products of related technologies ( included equipment  to improve the health and safety of welders) and for manufacturers of the above-mentioned products, provided they have a manufacturing base in Europe. A manufacturing base is a production site or a customization site. If there is a national association, as described above, in the country where the corporate member has its European headquarters, membership of that association is a pre-requisite for direct membership.

Each member is represented by duly authorised legal representatives.

The offer of membership will be extended by the Management team .Upon written acceptance of this offer the membership is effective from the date of decision of the General Assembly.

Europe is defined as geographical area / List of countries here below