• Membership is open for European national associations of manufacturers of welding consumables  and welding  equipment, as well as products of related technologies ( in particular equipment to improve the health and safety of welders) and for manufacturers of the above mentioned products, provided they have a manufacturing base in Europe.

EWA is structured with the following offices:

  • the Executive Committee;
  • the Management Team;
  • the Technical Committees;
  • the Statistics Committee
  • General Assembly;
  • President and Vice Presidents;

Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee is composed of representatives of the Members. the executive members meet themselves two times a year and are infomed of the works done by the different committtees

Management Team / Bureau

  • The Management Team is composed of the EWA President, the Vice-Presidents .
  • The Management Team will have charge of the routine management of EWA and in particular it will implement the decisions of the general assembly , prepare information for the Executive Committee, manage the membership and finances of EWA and attend to the legal obligations of EWA

Technical Committees

  • The Technical Committees carry out detailed work on the technical aspects of welding manufacturing.
  • There will normally be at least 4 Technical Committees.
  • One Technical Committee will focus on welding consumable materials , One on electric arc welding equipment and one on Flame equipment one on health and safety equipment .  Such other Technical Committees may be created by the General Assembly  when requested by a member and having at least five initial members attending.
  • Chairs of Technical committees are managed by
    • Vincent van de Mee  for Technical committee Welding and Brazing consumables
    • Josef Feichtinger for Technical committee Electric Arc equipment
    • Luca Manzini for Technical committee Flame equipment
    • Manfred Koennig for Technical committee Health and safety equipment for welders

Statistics  Committee

  • The statistics committee managed the specification of the statistic platform and propose  evolutions os the platform  in the strict respect of National and European  anti competition laws and rules

General Assembly

  • The General Assembly is held at least once a year.
  • The General Assembly decides on all subjects except for those subjects which are specifically designated to other bodies under the articles of association.

President and Vice Presidents

  • The  General assembly  nominates the candidates for the presidency and up to three vice presidencies,  for a period of two years.
  • Actual President is Emil Schubert ( ABICOR-Binzel  Germany).
  • Actual Vice Presidents are  Harald Scherleitner ( FRONIUS, Austria  ) , Luca Manzini ( ANASTA , Italy), Miguel Angel Sisamon Barranco ( Lincoln Electric)

General Manager

  • The General Manager undertakes the executive management of the Association.
  • Actual General Manager is Guy Missiaen -France