Flame equipment

“Flame” equipment are used to create oxy-gas ( or air-gas) flame – The flame is a heating source that allows many industrial applications.

This technology is very flexible and easy to be deployed – it is used for different applications as :

  • Flame Cutting : a preheating flame combined with an oxygen jet make possible to remove materials and to cut metals
  • Flame Welding : the flame melts the parts to be assembled and identical metal : the 2 parts are welded
  • Flame Brazing : the flame allow to joined metals materials (similar or dissimilar) with an auxiliary materials which often is dissimilar and with a low melting temperature. Base metals are not melted.
  • Flame gouging: a preheating flame and an oxygen jet make possible to remove materials, usually welding beads.
  • Flame heating: in order to prepare a surface for some treatment (welding, forming, …)
  • Flame spraying : the flame is melting some materials in powder form which are creating a corrosion protection or other better characteristics of the work piece
  • Flame blasting of concrete : in order to renovate and clean concrete surface

The main equipment produce by EWA members are regulators, blow pipes, flame spraying guns for thermal spraying,  safety devices