2024 EWA General Assembly in Barcelona

The EWA General Assembly was held on June 4th in Barcelona under the chairmanship of Emil Schubert (CEO of IBG) – The assembly

• validated the candidacy of ELECTRO PORTUGAL and MESSER CUTTING  who are now members of the association.

• appointed 2 new Vice presidents: Luigi Frasson (CEO of INE – Italy) and Frederic Lanz (CEO of KEMPER – Germany)

The EWA Board of Directors is composed until the 2025 assembly of Emil Schubert (President) and 3 vice Presidents (Gary Konarska, Luigi Frasson and Frederic Lanz)

Emil Schubert thanked Luca Manzini and Harald Scherleitner who have served as vice President for 4 years, for their commitment to the development of EWA